China Import & Business News: Exporting to China - 10 Steps to find the Chinese buyers (ezine article series)

Exporting to China - 10 Steps to find the Chinese buyers (ezine article series)

Many business women/men are dreaming about selling their products or services to China. Is it really possible, even for small business owner to succeed in the Chinese market? YES it is!

If you start on your own, you need to work very hard for 3-4 years, to achieve success in China export business. But according my experience, if you follow these easy 10 steps, you may shorten this time to 1 year.

1- You must have a website with informative content about your product and company. My advice: add a Chinese language option. Most business owners in China don't speak English.

2- Advertise on Chinese business directories. Much more powerful, if the ad is in Chinese.

3- Find possible buyers from search engines and contact them via e-mail. Introduce yourself, your business and your company. If possible in Chinese language additional.

4- After you found some possible buyers, you should build relations with the owners, general or import managers of these companies.

5- Exchange samples to understand the buyers real needs.

6- If you participate on any international trade fair, you should inform and invite your possible Chinese buyers. Even you think they will not visit your booth, but they will see that you are in international business and this will make them more confident about your products or services.

7- You should participate at least at 1 big international Chinese trade fair, which is popular for products or services, like yours.

8- You should visit each possible buyer. Calculate at least 1 day for each company. In China, usually the business decisions made during dinner.

9- If you don't speak Chinese, you should arrange a tutor with good translation skills for these meetings.

10-Promise them, that you will seriously consider, having a representative office in China and they don't need to worry about the after sales service.

The above 10steps are to ease your way, to successful business with China. Of course it needs some investments and efforts to achieve success in China. But what is for free today? If you need more free information, you might visit my blog or our company website. Don't hesitate to contact me for professional assistance in China.

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