China Import & Business News: China Import Business - How to Achieve Success For SBO's (ezine article series)

China Import Business - How to Achieve Success For SBO's (ezine article series)

China is still the biggest manufacturer and exporter. Even in economic crisis times, China is still an important business partner to hundred thousands of small business owners, all over the world.

Many of them made some imports, using b2b websites or other online directories. Some have never been to China, but found the right supplier and could set up a successful relationship. But many couldn't achieve their big Chinese dreams. Even some have lost money, in huge amounts. Because of the high failure rate, the majority of midsize and small business owners, even didn't attempt to import from China.

Yes, it is really risky to import from China. Especially, if you don't have your own team in China. As this may causes too high of expenses for a small business owner, there is another cost effective solution:

To cooperate with an import consultant. It is vital, to have an experienced professional, as a partner in China. Understanding the local business mentality and in first line your needs, is the most important key -to success. Advise: Choose a consultant with western origin, who can show some international references.

This kind of professionals, can prevent any misunderstandings between you and the supplier. Solve any possible problems, that can be caused by manufacturer side. They can be your eyes on the whole procedure, till your goods are shipped. And not forgotten, it is possible that you want visit China and your suppliers, which is important for long term cooperation. In this case your consultant will organize all your trip and assist you, visiting present and new Chinese suppliers.


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