China Import & Business News: Blog Directories Submission (Off Topic)

Blog Directories Submission (Off Topic)

It is really "off topic", but i had to write an article about blog directories.

After searching the web preciously, i found 2 sources, which allowed me to subscribe to almost the best blog directories on the www.

Except 2 of them, i submitted my blog for free! I will not mention these blog directories (you can see them clearly on the pic), but i would like to say some words to the admin of super blog directory(the only directory, which rejected my submission 2 times):
"look at this picture, sbd will be never listed in my blogs again" (i am really disappointed).

Anyhow, i listed the best (most popular) free blog directories on this blog, for my visitors and followers. You can choose which ones you like. I like them all and our traffic is increasing, day by day:)

Thanks to all free blog directories , allowing us to promote our blogs!

P.S.: soon we will submit to eaton and botw:)

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  1. I would recommend "eatonweb" and "best of the blogs on web". Both are paid directories. But the high PR backlink is it worth:)