China Import & Business News: May 2009

Solution for H1N1 "swine flu" comes from China

A Chinese solution for H1N1 "swine flue" is the indoor air purifier B-785.
Here are some specifications(all information is according to the manufacturer's declaration):


Input voltage: 110V-230V±10% / 50Hz (as customer's request)
Rated power ≤58W
Negative ion ≥8.0×106 ions/cm3 (4 generater heads which can be cleaned easily)
Filters: HEPA + Activated carbon + Photo Catalyst filter+Fibre filter
LED color screen
Ultraviolet light: 6W (254nm)(Quartz tube)
Air sensor: odor sensor
Remote controller
Sleep mode
Anti-bacteria Rate: ≥90% , Purification Rate: ≥99.997%
Airflow rate: 180m3/(sleep) 230m3/H (low) 320m3/H (medium) 365m3/H (high)Noise: 24dB(sleep) 30dB (low) 37dB (medium) 45dB (high) (Do not include circumstance noise)
HEPA working period: 1 year (Based on working 8 hours everyday)
Efficient area: 46 square meters(500 square feet)
Product dimensions: 610 X 345 X 215 mm
CE, GS, ETL, CETL approved!

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