China Import & Business News: Solution for H1N1 "swine flu" comes from China

Solution for H1N1 "swine flu" comes from China

A Chinese solution for H1N1 "swine flue" is the indoor air purifier B-785.
Here are some specifications(all information is according to the manufacturer's declaration):


Input voltage: 110V-230V±10% / 50Hz (as customer's request)
Rated power ≤58W
Negative ion ≥8.0×106 ions/cm3 (4 generater heads which can be cleaned easily)
Filters: HEPA + Activated carbon + Photo Catalyst filter+Fibre filter
LED color screen
Ultraviolet light: 6W (254nm)(Quartz tube)
Air sensor: odor sensor
Remote controller
Sleep mode
Anti-bacteria Rate: ≥90% , Purification Rate: ≥99.997%
Airflow rate: 180m3/(sleep) 230m3/H (low) 320m3/H (medium) 365m3/H (high)Noise: 24dB(sleep) 30dB (low) 37dB (medium) 45dB (high) (Do not include circumstance noise)
HEPA working period: 1 year (Based on working 8 hours everyday)
Efficient area: 46 square meters(500 square feet)
Product dimensions: 610 X 345 X 215 mm
CE, GS, ETL, CETL approved!

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  1. Am using this air purifier in our office since 2 month. Very efficient, its a -must have!

  2. The fob factory price is 118 USD.
    Sample will cost 165 USD excluding cargo fee!

  3. the Chinese and their inventions thanks for these purifiers that help prevent the swine fluChinese invented many items as are gunpowder, technology and medicine as Soft Cialiscodigo