China Import & Business News: Raw Cotton and Polyester DTY yarn urgent inquiry !

Raw Cotton and Polyester DTY yarn urgent inquiry !

we are sourcing for our client from turkey. Both types from countries without anti-dumping regulation. Client has very good L/C reputation. Quantity target is 200MT per 45days. Please only best offers! contact Mr. Remo: ceo[at]

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  1. Dear Sir,

    We are an Indenting House from Mumbai, India with an idea of contributing value to the International Yarn Market. We are a company having rightly blended technical and commercial knowledge to nurture beneficial environment to our clients in taking up.

    We are mainly sourcing Polyester Yarn, Cotton Yarn, Nylon Yarn, Spandex Yarns and Viscose Yarns for our increasing buyers in International Markets. Please find our detailed products of interest for our buyers as below:

    Cotton Yarns:

    Cotton Combed and Carded and Open End Yarns:

    Range: 10 NE to 120 NE (Single and Double) (Contamination Free)

    Polyester Yarns:

    Partially Oriented Yarns (POY):

    Ranging from 50-300D (SD AND BRT, BRT TBL) (RW, DYED AND DOPE DYED) (A and Off Grade)

    Draw Textured/Twisted Yarns (DTY) and Flat/Filament Yarn (FDY):

    Ranging from 50-300 D (NIM, SIM, HIM) (In Single and Double Ply)

    We also provide High Tenacity Yarns, Microfilament Yarns and Monofilament Yarns.

    Polyester Spun Yarns:

    20 E, 30 NE, 40 NE, 50 NE, 60 NE, 120 NE (Single and Double)

    Nylon Yarns: (Type 6 & 66)


    Rayon - Viscose Yarns:

    In Cones and Hanks, Viscose Spun Yarn

    Spandex Yarns:

    Bare and Spandex

    Blended Yarns:

    Poly-Cotton, Poly-Viscose Cotton-Viscose and other blends.

    We are also dealing in Blended Yarns and specialty yarns.

    Please send us your product list to guide us for the further communication and we assure you that we will promote your brand name in international market with the best of our efforts.

    We would like to create a new strong business bonding with your company on a mutual beneficial basis.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    Business Manager