China Import & Business News: 105th Canton Fair - China's biggest export fair

105th Canton Fair - China's biggest export fair

I am sure everyone heard about Canton fair. It is the world 2nd biggest and China's biggest export fair. Since last year it is held in 3 phases and 2 times a year. Canton fair attracts millions of foreign importers, from all over the world. The Pazhou complex in Guangzhou will host Canton fair; from the 15th to 19th april (first phase), 24th to 28th april (second phase) and 3rd to 7th may (third phase).

We from Hengyi Consulting, are assisting companies, small to mid-size business owners and individuals for this awesome fair. Our multi-lingual consultants will guide you through Canton fair and assist you in finding the right supplier. Our experience in organisation will make your stay; a pleasant vacation and successful business trip.

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