China Import & Business News: China Canton fair (disaster)

China Canton fair (disaster)

The 105th China Canton fair was disappointing. As you can also see, from the pictures, the 1st phase of Canton fair was shocking empty. And i guess, that the number of new visitors, was not more than 15%! May this is reflect the future export-rate 2009? Hard times coming, for many Chinese manufacturers, i can say!
Anyway, life and business must go on:) The good point of less visitors was, i did spent only 2 days on Canton fair. The sourcing success on our side was %90. We found some new supplier with innovative products. Our clients from Turkey and Georgia enjoyed our fair-assistance and were proud, to place their 1st OEM orders, from China- directly! From my personally side was it the last Canton fair visit.
Our Consultants will still assist our clients, but i will focus on specific trade shows in Shanghai and of course; Expo 2010 !

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