China Import & Business News: 106th China Canton fair is approaching

106th China Canton fair is approaching

The traditional Canton fair will start on 15th October, for the 106th time. The new thing is, that the dates of the 2nd and 3rd phase has changed. 2nd phase is 23-27 October and 3rd phase will be held on 31 October-4 November.

If you thinking, of importing any goods from China, Canton fair is the best opportunity. You can meet many Chinese manufacturer and their newest products. You can buy some samples and test them, when you are back home.

First of all you should check the program of Canton fair, to visit the right phase. Next step would be applying the Chinese visa. Then booking the flight. You have 2 opportunities for the arriving airport. Hongkong or Guangzhou.

For the hotel, i would recommend you to stay in cities arround Guangzhou. Because the prices in Guangzhou are very high, during Canton fair. Foshan, Dongguan or Shenzhen would be available. Me prefer Shenzhen. Its a nice city and 150km far from Guangzhou. With the fast train, it takes only 55 minutes.

What should you bring with you? Many many business cards, samples of product and comfortable shoes:)

For assistance at the Canton fair, you might arrange a tutor with good English skills. Because only few Chinese exhibitors speak English fluently. The daily rates are about 100-150 usd.

If you want it, more professional and more comfortable, you might choose one of our VIP Canton fair packages.

We would assist you for this awesome fair. And you would be able, to start your China import business, immedately.

We wish you a pleasant stay in China and a successful start for your import project!


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